Energy refurbishment and modernization of the housing stock play a key role in municipal climate protection concepts. However, their practical realization encounters large problems. The diversity and motivations of homeowners and tenants, especially elderly people or people with migration background and those confronted with increasingly dynamic real estate markets in growing or shrinking regions have hardly been addressed. Therefore, the connected challenges remain unanswered and opportunities unseen. In the light of the above, a toolbox for municipalities with target group oriented measures, instruments and strategies will be developed, based on the analysis of specific cases in several case municipalities. The toolbox is designed to also take into account the various living situations of owners and tenants. With the aid of a residential building and household model, the gained insights will be up-scaled to the German national level in order to better design instruments for energy efficiency policy in the building stock integrating instruments of environmental, social and housing policy in a sustainability perspective.

Jan 2015 to Dec 2017


Prof. Dr. Michael Hiete, Ulm University, Department of Business Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Heike Köckler, Department of Community Health, Sozialraum und Gesundheit, Hochschule für Gesundheit