This discussion paper covers proposals on the design of future research projects and programmes as well as their methodological approaches, such as measuring sustainability.

In order to make research even mo relevant to society and to focus in research more on real-life experience and necessities, framework conditions for research must be improved. Thus, business models and strategies that already make an important contribution to sustainable development today should be further researched, as should the conditions under which sustainability innovations spread. In addition, research should be designed and carried out in such a way that the principles of socially responsible research are given greater prominence. Business actors and civil society should also play a greater role here, for example by developing ways in which consumers who wish to consume sustainably can do so with as little effort as possible.

Another aspect discussed in  the paper is the international dimension of a sustainable economy: the impact of the international interdependencies of our economy and how the universal sustainability goals on consumption, production and sustainability innovations are incorporated into research are still not given enough attention. The paper also makes recommendations in this respect.

The recommendations of the Advisory Body were submitted to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in June 2018. It is also intended to incorporate the conclusions and recommendations for action into the ongoing Federal Ministry of Education and Research` Social-Ecological Research (SÖF) Agenda process, in particular into the workshops.


NaWiKo-Beirat und das NaWiKo-Team
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NaWiKo Advisory Board and the NaWiKo Team (2018). Discussion: Research and Innovation for Sustainable Management - Contribution of the Support Group of the Scientific Coordination of the Sustainable Management Support Measure (NaWiKo). Final editing: Günther Bachmann (Chairman NaWiKo Advisory Board), Anna-Lena Guske and Klaus Jacob (both NaWiKo Team). July 2018, Berlin.